Friday, May 11, 2012

Cole's Zombie Party

Zombie Party 2012

Cole decided his theme for his birthday would be Zombies!

How much fun is that!  So the invites go out to all his friends.  Everyone is super excited to come.  All the kids are coming dressed as Zombie or Zombie Hunters.

Invites Read:

Prepare yourself for the

Are you ready for a zombie attack?

Which will you be?

Come dressed as a zombie or zombie hunter!

Here are some of the ideas we used!

String Cheese Zombie fringes

Bag O' Zombies cupcakes sprinkled with Oreo dirt

Poster I found on Amazon

The cake turned out awesome.  The hand moved when anyone got near the cake!

Pudding cups with crushed Oreos and Gummy Worms

Zombie Juice

Some of the decorations!


Zombie kill of the week

The Boys are ready

Look out Zombies

Chase took his role very seriously!  He made an awesome Zombie.

Cole is ready for some action. 

The Hunters found a base!

All the Zombies and Hunters!

The kids had a blast!


  1. Loved ur pixs, I am getting ready to have a zombie party too for my 9yr old. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. I am loving looking at all your parties. So fun. You are so creative!!!

  3. I found this post on Pinterest. I thought you should know that I have three boys and I'm looking for zombie party ideas for my son Cole's birthday party. Does that freak you out as much as me?

  4. The boys look like they had a fantastic time and it is hardly surprising. This party is fantastic! I LOVE that cake! Who would be game to eat it with that had poking out the